The Friuli Venezia Giulia region of Italy is located in the Northen part of the country. It is a mountainous area on the edge of the mighty Dolomites, but just boardering an area of flatlands, to the SE.

We will be basing the competition at a town called Solimbergo. From here we can access the local launch, Meduno, on Mnt Valinis.

Meduno Launch: On the NE end of an 80km ridge it offers a large, grassy launch and plenty of opportunity for clusters of pilots to stay airbourne. It copes well with east or west valley winds and is sheltered from the North winds that sometimes blow in the region. Access is via a mostly tarmac track.

Meduno Town: To the south of launch and lending its name to the launch, the town of Meduno is a humble Italian town with limited facilities. You can find some accommodations, bars and other facilities here. To the East, 2km, you will find the 'official' landing place for free flying.

Solimbergo & Sequals: 10km to the south of launch are the two towns of Solimbergo and Sequals. There are some accommodations within Solimbergo but little else. Sequals, just 2km to the south of Solimbergo, is a much larger town and has a lot more facilities available.